Busy Busy! And a hint at some upcoming designs!

Hello Crochet World!

I know the blog has been a bit silent for the last few weeks but I want to assure you that I have been working on some new designs that I am excited to roll out in the near future! I have been experimenting with some shaping techniques because I personally love the “seamless” amigurumi look. It has been a lot of trial and error to get the right look. I think one of the most challenging parts of the design process is keeping track of the stitch counts/what I’m doing as I rework parts of the piece in order to provide the most comprehensive pattern for you guys! I noticed that I sometimes get carried away with the shaping that I have to remind myself to be diligent about the recording part process.

So here is a hint about two of my upcoming designs for you to ponder, maybe you will be able to guess what they are and let me know what you think they might be in the comments! 😀 I am a big supporter of the #loveinvasion and assembling my own soldier to contribute to the cause!  There is also a stack of yarn ready to be turned into “beary” good brothers!

Wish me super fast crocheting!

Addicted to Amis


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