Discovering the cute and crafty world of Amigurumi!

It all began with a cupcake. A coworker gifted me with an adorable baked good made of yarn and fibre fill for my birthday. I was amazed, fascinated and in love.  So much so that I didn’t mind that it wasn’t edible! As a child, I loved stuffed animals and still love my fri- errr…”collection” as a totally mature adult.

My first exposure to crochet was from a coworker at a previous job (I’m sensing a theme…). She was creating a baby blanket and all the girls were curious and wanted to learn too. I realize now that while I learned how to create that blanket by memorizing the pattern of actions, I never actually learned “how to crochet”. I should mention that I never finished my baby blanket and also completely forgot how to make it. Nonetheless, I remember enjoying the process and still love the idea that with one simple tool, you can create amazing things!

And so began my obsession and addiction to Amigurumi! I learned beginner techniques from the Lion Brand website, which is a fantastic resource for all things knit and crochet, amazing bloggers/crochet designers such Stephanie Lau of “All About Ami” ( and June Gilbank from “Planet June” (, and good ol’ Youtube. Anytime you come across something your not familiar with, an easy Google or Youtube search will usually do the trick.

In my quest to become an amigurumi designer, I give you “Addicted to Ami’s”! The place where you will find my original creations, see what projects I’m working on and ravings about other cute and crafty things that have come my way. Please enjoy! 😀



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